2016 Pre-K Residency at PS/IS 210

During this 8-week residency program, students from PS/IS 210 explored themes of character development through mixed-media exploration.  With an intro on environment/setting we bagan our journey looking at and discussing Benny Andrews 'Tree of Life'.  By observing the work, students were able to imagine sounds that would be native to the landscape and creatures that might inhabit that world.  Utilizing organic materials that mimic the feeling and nature of the work, students created Organic Creature Compositions.  Using these compositions as stepping stones, we began a multi-layered Fantastical Character design project.  The project included, movement sketching and character drawings.  Students cut fabric, glued newspaper, and measured bubble wrap to whip up costumes and embody their characters.  As a final treat, using watercolor and collage they created colorful representations of their character environment reminiscent of Benny Andrews.  This is where their characters dwell, in the forest of walking trees, a solar system far-far away and alternate realities only accessible by doggie doors.